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Successful Claim Outcomes: Case Study – Meet Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones alleged mold exposure in the workplace while employed as a school principal in 2002. Her primary complaints included shortness of breath, coughing and fatigue. Claimant had a long standing, preexisting history of asthma. Ms. Jones was ultimately diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and hypoxemic respiratory insufficiency which required the use of home oxygen. The claim was accepted as compensable. In 2014 an IME was completed by an Environmental and Occupational Medicine Specialist. The physician reviewed medical records and laboratory testing results, specifically the hypersensitivity pneumonitis screen, which was positive for pigeon and parrot serum, but negative for fungi. The physician diagnosed hypersensitivity pneumonitis and progressive lung fibrosis. However, he opined that these conditions were most likely the direct result of prolonged exposure to inhaled green parrot allergens. Ultimately, the primary treating physician came to the same conclusion and the carrier denied the claim in its entirety on 2/21/2014. Despite medical and indemnity payments having been made for 12 years, and a settlement amount in the six figures, Axiom was successful getting a Waiver/Zero Allocation approved by CMS.

Potential MSA Exposure: $308,630 Approved Waiver: $0


Total Savings $308,630!!!

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