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Successful Claim Outcomes: Case Study – Meet Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith reportedly sustained lumbar and cervical spine injuries in 1999 during the course and scope of his employment. According to the injury report, the injuries occurred when Mr. Smith was pulling on a gate which had jammed. Mr. Smith was diagnosed with lumbar and cervical spine injuries, and subsequent development of anxiety and depression, right sided hip pain, and a diagnosis of upper extremity complex regional pain syndrome. Mr. Smith underwent several lumbar spine surgeries, to include a lumbar fusion. He was also examined by a neurosurgeon who advised against further lumbar surgery, but who did recommend a trial implantation of an intrathecal pump. Mr. Smith was being prescribed 5 generic medications and 2 Brand medications. Fourteen years after the injury, Axiom’s cost containment services addressed high prescription costs and other cost drivers impacting the total allocation amount – resulting in a substantial savings to our client.

Previous MSA Total: $620,256 New MSA Total: $249,057

Total Savings $371,199!!!

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